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Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I just got back from a wonderful vacation with my husband. This is what happens when you get married and have your children when you are very young. They are all grown up by now, and had other activities/plans to come along with us, so this was a little like a honeymoon, which was also nice.

We drove for 10 hours to a province in the middle of Argentina called Cordoba. There are small mountains and hills and rivers everywhere. The weather was wonderful even though it rained a few times. We stayed at a friend's country home (actually I had never met Jacquie before, but became friends quickly)

We gathered wild blackberries, rosas mosqueta (rosa rubiginosa, or rosehip), peaches, and all kinds of herbs. Jacquie makes the most delicious preserves from these and from her organic garden crops. We ate delicious food she cooked for us, swam in rivers, collected rocks, shared conversations, food, and mate with great company. We went for long rides on her horses and pleasant walks around the area.

We brought many preserves and a few pine trees and ferns back home. I also collected some wildflower seeds to try my luck at growing back here in the spring.

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  1. that is my kind of vacation. very relaxing, enjoying nature and spending time with your love.



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