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Friday, May 8, 2009


I've been asked what inspires me, and it is such a simple question to answer, but difficult at the same time. So many things: I love the randomness and organic shapes of nature, and am fascinated by the passage of time and its effects on things. I am not a perfectionist, and love to be surprised. Anything from art, design, architecture, to life experiences, textures and colors, lines and silhouettes. I am not good with expressing myself with words, so art is a very important form of expression to me. Not only important, but necessary.

Read other artists and their inspirations here:


  1. love your blog, photos and thoughts on your work cynthia--- beautiful--most enjoyable!!

  2. Thank you! Congratulations on being the Etsy featured artist. I admire your work very much and enjoyed reading your blog as well!



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