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Friday, January 28, 2011


Ring A Week (RAW) is a challenge introduced by my friend and fellow metalsmith Thomasin Durgin. She   is challenging other metalsmiths and jewelry makers to design and execute at least one ring a week for the entire year 2011. Photos are taken of the rings as they are completed and uploaded to a RAW Flickr group.

Here are my first 3 pieces, but hopefully there will be 49 more!

1. RAW52 3, 2. RAW52 3, 3. RAW52 3, 4. RAW2 of 52, 5. RAW2 of 52, 6. RAW2 of 52, 7. RAW (ring a week) number 1, 8. RAW (ring a week) number 1, 9. 100_0727

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