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Monday, August 1, 2011

Blog Carnival "Roots"

Today's Etsymetal blog carnival is about our creative roots.
"Etc" first band
Santi Navarro, Peter Del Giudice and Matias Del Giudice
(they were so young)

"Arbol, Manos, Tierra" by Florencia Del Giudice
"Caminito" Detail by Veronica Del Giudice
I have to admit I  almost did not participate this time because I wasn't really immersed in a family of artists growing up. My father was a high school teacher, and my mother a housewife who couldn't draw a stick figure. I did, however have two aunts Marite Podesta, and Ines Podesta, who were painters, and I was fascinated by their talent. Especially Ines', whose main chosen subject was my favorite: horses. So I realized I was, and still am very much surrounded by artists in my family. Although my father was not an artist, he was an art appreciator. Now retired he has started exploring his artistic streak with pastels. My youngest sister Catalina Hannon is a wonderful actress, singer, bilingual Spanish/English Voice over Talent. She has recorded commercials, narrated documentaries, animations and various videos. She can basically imitate any English accent, as well as a neutral Spanish accent for a worldwide Spanish-speaking audience. My oldest sister Frances Hannon is also a teacher, but has been drawing and painting on and off. She recently won a mention in an art competition. My daughter Florencia is a very creative artist, she is a wonderful illustrator and painter. She started very early. And my two sons are fabulous musicians. Peter has a punk band called Licuado de Panchos, and Matias is the rhythm guitar on 42 Decibel, an AC/DC inspired band.  And there is also other musicians nephews: Santi Navarro, and Fermin Aguirre. My Brother's little girls are actresses and video producers (they have filmed homemade films and act in our local theater). My husband is a woodworker whose work has been featured in magazines and books and has been called an artist by several of his customers, and I would have to agree with them.  My sister in law Veronica Del Giudice is an accomplished and well known watercolorist here in Argentina. Virginia, my other sister in law is a photographer. She specializes in still life, interior design and food. Her husband Victor Wolf is a fashion photographer.
This box was a gift from my husband
"Jewelry box" by Lucas Del Giudice
Zebra wood, beech, cedar, oak

My U.S.A. side of the family:
My uncle Philip Hannon is a retired graphic designer, and a wonderful painter. So is my cousin David Holmes, who makes these hyper-realistic paintings of common urban scenes using acrylic paint. "I am fascinated by the urban landscape and how people exist within it. There's a lot of drama and tension involved in even the most common daily experiences." And my cousin Constance Baldwin who is also a wonderful illustrator. I also have to add my cousin Gregg Hannon to the list. We visited his family in the States a very, very long time ago. He had an electric guitar, and he introduced my siblings and I to Led Zeppelin. Fond memories!

Broadway Hustle, 2005
by David Holmes
Acrylic on wood
80" x 32"

And of course, I don't need to mention this because it is obvious, but I LOVE all these people! They have been an inspiration and support. 


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  1. Amazing! You certainly are immersed in a family of artists after all!

  2. Cynthia, You are a fabulous artist with an amazing family of artists!! Love your work and really enjoyed this article.

    Rebecca ~ AdobeSol



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