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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Project Runnway Challenge 6.5: Newspaper! "Safe News"

EtsyMetal is holding a fun freestyle Jewelry Challenge that is coinciding with Project Runway episodes. Every Friday we discuss the actual show's challenge and start working on ideas that need to be completed and photographed by the following Friday at no latter than 12 p.m. Pacific time. This weeks challenge was to work with newspaper:

"OK designers! This week is pretty straight forward.
This weeks challenge is "NEWSPAPER".
Please incorporate newspaper or pre-printed black and white book pages into a piece of jewelry.

Ideas: using the color from a pic in the paper, using the words from headlines, patterns, textures, paper mache', folding, decopauge, weaving, and whatever crazy creative things you can think of!
Oh and YES you can use glue, paints, dyes, etc.
Now make it work!"

I started drawing sketches and working on ideas, but didn't decide on the concept until after I grabbed a newspaper. As it usually happens, when I have a newspaper in my hand, no matter how old or outdated it is, I always find something to read I missed before. It never fails. The material got me thinking the state of our world media today, privately owned by just a few multi-national corporations.

I made this piece using a copper sheet I fold formed into a vessel shape. I created the mesh with sterling silver with the ends rolled up into balls placed into holes I pierced on the copper piece. I handmade the pin closure, and formed the pin out of surgical steel wire. I oxidized the piece and buffed with beeswax. I then crumpled newspaper and carefully placed inside its interior.

For more pieces created by other metalsmiths, visit etsymetal's blog: Blog:

Official show channel:
Due: Friday 12pm PST



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