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Thursday, November 15, 2012

New Designs in My Shop

A few new items I have listed over the last few weeks, plus a peek as some of my inspiration:

Click HERE to purchase.
I made one of these for each of my sisters. I own a pair too, of course!
Love these! 
These were a One Of A Kind pair and my friend Catherine bought them!
Simple, elegant, classic. White pearl lariat.
Available HERE
Another Catherine friend of mine bought this ring. I should make more. I love it!

Bamboo Twig Pendant. Sand cast from a twig in my garden.

Poppies and Salvia Guaraniticas
Baby chick tagged along at photo session. Isn't he cute?
Poppy in my garden. These raise my heart beat and increase inspiration.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Why Do I make Jewelry?

This month's Blog Carnival question is "Why do you make jewelry?"

I have always been an artist, and have never worn a lot of jewelry. Sculpture was one of my favorite classes in college. I tried clay, wood, stone, but my favorite medium was metal. Old, rusted metal I found and welded into sculptures.

It took me some time to realize jewelry did not necessarily mean the classic diamond on a prong setting, but could be more sculptural like art jewelry. I took a class and was hooked.

Seed Pod Pendant

Seed Pod Pendant

Blackened Mini Rose Earrings

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