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Monday, March 4, 2013

Where do You Live?

EtsyMetal Blog Carnival question this month is: "Where Do You Live?"

I grew up in the city of Buenos Aires' suburbs in Argentina, South America, but moved to Southern California as a young adult.  After about 14 years of living in California, I moved back to Argentina. I now live in the country, about 2 miles from a small city/town called Navarro. I like the open space, the peace and quiet, the vast and endless horizon, the sunsets, my horses, and my garden. My surroundings and my lifestyle inspire me greatly and influence my work. 

I love to eat healthy and to entertain friends and family. I like cooking wholesome meals with homegrown fruits and vegetables, fresh eggs and milk.

One of the many preserves I make every summer. These are Figs. 
Zucchini, tomatoes, peppers and basil fresh from my garden
Summer squash, eggplant and string beans fresh from my vegetable garden
Lucas milking Emilia. We drink our milk raw, or make cheese, yoghurt, ricotta, dulce de leche, rice pudding, etc
Fresh homegrown real honey
Wisteria in bloom
Family cooking pasta!

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