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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Project Runnway Challenge 6.5: Newspaper! "Safe News"

EtsyMetal is holding a fun freestyle Jewelry Challenge that is coinciding with Project Runway episodes. Every Friday we discuss the actual show's challenge and start working on ideas that need to be completed and photographed by the following Friday at no latter than 12 p.m. Pacific time. This weeks challenge was to work with newspaper:

"OK designers! This week is pretty straight forward.
This weeks challenge is "NEWSPAPER".
Please incorporate newspaper or pre-printed black and white book pages into a piece of jewelry.

Ideas: using the color from a pic in the paper, using the words from headlines, patterns, textures, paper mache', folding, decopauge, weaving, and whatever crazy creative things you can think of!
Oh and YES you can use glue, paints, dyes, etc.
Now make it work!"

I started drawing sketches and working on ideas, but didn't decide on the concept until after I grabbed a newspaper. As it usually happens, when I have a newspaper in my hand, no matter how old or outdated it is, I always find something to read I missed before. It never fails. The material got me thinking the state of our world media today, privately owned by just a few multi-national corporations.

I made this piece using a copper sheet I fold formed into a vessel shape. I created the mesh with sterling silver with the ends rolled up into balls placed into holes I pierced on the copper piece. I handmade the pin closure, and formed the pin out of surgical steel wire. I oxidized the piece and buffed with beeswax. I then crumpled newspaper and carefully placed inside its interior.

For more pieces created by other metalsmiths, visit etsymetal's blog: Blog:

Official show channel:
Due: Friday 12pm PST

Friday, September 11, 2009

Etsy Metal Team Project Runaway Challenge

Every week, the Esymetal team organizes a challenge inspired on the Project Runaway Show. Last week's project was:
*Season 6 - Week 3:
"Surf Wear"
Official show channel
Due: Friday 12pm PST

"OK Designers this weeks challenge is a bout Surf Wear. The actual challenge is:
to create a fun and fashionable Surf Wear look".
Tim says, "it's critical to infuse your point of view and personal style into this challenge."
Also, if you are feeling super motivated, there was an extra added bit to their challenge,
it was to design a Avant Garde interpreted Surf Wear piece.
OR maybe you'd rather just make the Avant Garde piece,
make one OR perhaps both!?
It's all up to you designers!
So, here are some ideas that were thrown out to help design a piece around this weeks episode.
"sun, surf, beach, color, california surf icons, water, sand, bathing suits, surf culture,youth..."

"Carry on designers!"

I have many collections of random "stuff" I keep. I had collected, among other things, dry algae from the Southern California's coast while I lived there years ago. I took it out of a large jar, where I keep other beach treasures I've collected and was inspired to create this pin.

And of course, check the Etsymetal blog for more exiting interpretations where you can click through each individual participant for photos and detail.

Monday, September 7, 2009

My Introduction to Metals

This month's installation of EtsyMetal's Blog Carnival is: My First Metalsmithed Piece. My first introduction to metals was actually not a piece of jewelry. I was in my second year of a sculpture class and decided to try my hand at metal. Being a horse lover, I was inspired by Deborah Butterfield's bigger than life-size horses, and always found attracted to metals, especially the old rusted ones. I made a large horse (not quite life-size) with old, rusted metal scraps I found or bought at junk yards. I carefully selected each piece of metal, limiting the bending and cutting to a minimum, using what was already bend and broken just as I found it. I welded each piece, but left as much open space as possible, and without trying to give too much detail, but rather trying to catch the essence of the horse.

This was back in 1993 when I was living in Southern California. My instructor asked me if I was willing to donate it to the college for permanent display, and I happily agreed. It was displayed in the Art department garden, outdoors. I went back in 2003 to visit, and I found my horse still there standing proudly. A little more rusted, but looking good. It was a good feeling.

I just went searching and scanned some old photos I had, and although they aren't great, they give an idea of what I'm talking about. Looking at these also makes me realize that although not a work of art, I had such a great time making it! I still make small wire horse sculptures once in a while. It just goes to show you my fascination with horses, metals, art, and sculpture.

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