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Friday, September 11, 2009

Etsy Metal Team Project Runaway Challenge

Every week, the Esymetal team organizes a challenge inspired on the Project Runaway Show. Last week's project was:
*Season 6 - Week 3:
"Surf Wear"
Official show channel
Due: Friday 12pm PST

"OK Designers this weeks challenge is a bout Surf Wear. The actual challenge is:
to create a fun and fashionable Surf Wear look".
Tim says, "it's critical to infuse your point of view and personal style into this challenge."
Also, if you are feeling super motivated, there was an extra added bit to their challenge,
it was to design a Avant Garde interpreted Surf Wear piece.
OR maybe you'd rather just make the Avant Garde piece,
make one OR perhaps both!?
It's all up to you designers!
So, here are some ideas that were thrown out to help design a piece around this weeks episode.
"sun, surf, beach, color, california surf icons, water, sand, bathing suits, surf culture,youth..."

"Carry on designers!"

I have many collections of random "stuff" I keep. I had collected, among other things, dry algae from the Southern California's coast while I lived there years ago. I took it out of a large jar, where I keep other beach treasures I've collected and was inspired to create this pin.

And of course, check the Etsymetal blog for more exiting interpretations where you can click through each individual participant for photos and detail.


  1. cynthia I love it, I love how you work your idea straight from nature, i love seeing the inspiration behind the brooch, its organic and wild!
    i heart seaweed :)
    I am SO happy you are playing!!!

  2. Fantastic! Usually that stuff gets wrapped around my legs in the water and I hate it, but It translates well into metal and pearls!

  3. Thank you Vic! I am glad I was able to do it. I was a little stressed out yesterday, because it wasn't working as I had planned.

    Yes, Nina, this seaweed is typical of So Cal. I knew you'd recognize it! I freaked out the first time it wrapped around my legs because I didn't know what it was! Ha!



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