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Monday, August 4, 2014


Etsy Metal Blog Carnival 8/4/14:  "Show us your tools!! Favorites, shop setup, desires..."


One of my latest acquisitions: A Double Bench - It's Beautiful!

Tree Stump and Anvil made out of a piece of train track
Bench, files, pliers, bench pin, flex-shaft, etc.

Soldering station, drill press (left)

Art/craft and other books and videos above my bench

Big metal and small wooden tool boxes.

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My newest baby! An 1911 rolling mill with one sexy leg.

I pulled it apart, cleaned and lubricated 

My new home (I still have to bolt it to the floor)
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  1. Love the dark colors of your workbenches. Beautiful.

  2. very cool rolling mill and the clean up you did with it.

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