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Monday, September 7, 2009

My Introduction to Metals

This month's installation of EtsyMetal's Blog Carnival is: My First Metalsmithed Piece. My first introduction to metals was actually not a piece of jewelry. I was in my second year of a sculpture class and decided to try my hand at metal. Being a horse lover, I was inspired by Deborah Butterfield's bigger than life-size horses, and always found attracted to metals, especially the old rusted ones. I made a large horse (not quite life-size) with old, rusted metal scraps I found or bought at junk yards. I carefully selected each piece of metal, limiting the bending and cutting to a minimum, using what was already bend and broken just as I found it. I welded each piece, but left as much open space as possible, and without trying to give too much detail, but rather trying to catch the essence of the horse.

This was back in 1993 when I was living in Southern California. My instructor asked me if I was willing to donate it to the college for permanent display, and I happily agreed. It was displayed in the Art department garden, outdoors. I went back in 2003 to visit, and I found my horse still there standing proudly. A little more rusted, but looking good. It was a good feeling.

I just went searching and scanned some old photos I had, and although they aren't great, they give an idea of what I'm talking about. Looking at these also makes me realize that although not a work of art, I had such a great time making it! I still make small wire horse sculptures once in a while. It just goes to show you my fascination with horses, metals, art, and sculpture.

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  1. I love your horse, I took a sculpture class last year (welding is so intimidating).

    very cool that is on display at your old school

  2. I used to work large scale too Cynthia! you miss it? I love this horse!...what an honor that it is on display at school!

  3. Thank you! Yes, I do miss working large scale, but I have been collecting "junk" to get back to it some day...I just need to find a large heavy duty Oxy-acetylene gas welder. And also figure out what I can do with whatever I come up with :)

    And yes! I feel very honored that my teacher wanted to display it at my school. And was thrilled to see it there after 10 years!


  4. WONDERFUL sculpture! I love the gestural quality of these pieces...and I think it follows through in your jewelry work today! My second metal piece was a large scale welded sculpture too!

  5. Thank you Danielle and Delias! This sculpture was also after a year of life drawing. We did mostly gestural drawings which I really, really loved (and still do).

  6. Hello, I try this way.
    Please try on
    Hope you can come in and look!!
    regards from Sweden Ewa-Christine



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