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Friday, October 22, 2010

EtsyMetal 4th Year Anniversary Celebration

The EtsyMetal  Team was founded in 2006 and has grown rapidly since then. We are a group of metalsmiths who share ideas, experience, techniques and knowledge, and who support each other by advice, feedback, and encouragement. We meet daily at our forum and chat just about anything. We've been through good and rough times, but we always pull through because we care too much about what we do, and respect each other deeply. Being a metalsmith, or a craftperson, means many hours working alone at a workbench, without too much social life. This team has helped me to make this journey a not so lonely one, even if it is a virtual one.

This month is EtsyMetal's 4th year anniversary, and to celebrate this occasion we have decided to give away 4 $50 gift certificates the last 4 Fridays of October. You will have 4 chances to enter into the giveaways, but you only have to do any one of these:

#1 Sign up for our new email list! It is really easy - see that big button at the top of  EtsyMetal's blog that says "Subscribe for our Newsletter" - click there!

#2 Blog about it! Write a blog post and leave a comment on EtsyMetal's Blog with a link to your post.

#3 Tweet about our anniversary linking to Etsymetal's blog post - then comment on this blog post with a link to your tweet or twitter acct to let us know!

#4 Facebook it! Post a link to EtsyMetal's blogpost on your facebook page and let us know by leaving a comment on this blog post.

Go to EtsyMetal's blog to subscribe for our Newsletter here, and to find out who is having a sale. I am having a 20% off  section in my shop and free shipping on all items. This offer is good for one week only: from today, October 22 till the 29.

Sterling ilver 2" enEdless Hoops
3" Oxidized Copper Hoops
Organic Circles Copper Earrings
Friday Oct 22nd (giveaway)
1. Kathleen Bostick (will have a 20% off sale section)
2. Rachael Sudlow (will do a sale section)
3. Kira Ferrer (15% off, refunded through paypal)
4. mark kaplan (will do a sale section)
5. Iacua (20% off whole store)
6. LSueSzabo (20% off the whole store, refunded through paypal)
7. NinaGibsonDesigns (sale section & possibly free shipping)
8. Meg Auth (simplymega)
9. Cynthia Del Giudice (20% off Sale section and free shipping for any item)
10. Gecko J (will do a 20% off the whole shop)
11. Hartleystudio (15% off the shop, 10% off wedding bands, free shipping for FB fans)
12. Rebekah Meddles - Lunasa Designs (don't know terms yet - probably different every day/sale section?)
13. Quercus Silver - Sale Section
14. Danielle Miller (20% off, plus free shipping through FB)
15. Shannon (rubygirl) - sale section + 20% regularly priced items (refunded through Paypal)
16. Inbar Bareket - Sale section
17. Maria Goti - mariagotijoyas - 20% off refunded through paypal.

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