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Monday, June 6, 2011

Etsy Metal Studio Tour

"EtsyMetal Blog Carnival"
Topic: "Etsy Metal Studio Tour"
Show us where you work!
Describe what you love about your work space and/or any changes you would like to make in the future. 

I have a home studio. I live in the country, in the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. I love where I live, and I love what I do. My studio is a wonderful place to work in. I think the best part is its location. I am surrounded by inspiring things outside. Anything from landscape, sky, plants, and animals. I often brings little treasures I find outside. Anything from a feather, to a seed-pod, to a dry branch. 

My workbench is a long countertop my husband bought from an old general store in town which was being remodeled.  It is beautiful solid wood with moldings. It is the perfect height for sawing, but too high for just about everything else. I usually end up doing most of my work standing, so I am planning on buying a tall chair right now, or I might add an extra table, standard height, to the side. 

I have a bookcase filled with all sorts of books and magazines. Art, design, and jewelry technique books are what I have within easy reach for reference and inspiration. There is a desk with my computer and printer on the opposite wall of the workbench. There is also an Ikea modular piece of furniture where I keep all my boxes, tissue paper and envelopes for shipping and an amplifier with speakers for the computer. 

I have a beautiful little shelf on top of my workbench that our friend Tom made while he was visiting us from the States. It's very convenient because I can put smaller things like jars and small containers so they are visible and within easy reach. He also made me a really nice bench pin and a wooden block to organize my pliers. My father in law made me a wooden organizer for my files which I keep inside my rolling toolbox. All these things are super important for me because I tend to be very unorganized. I can't imagine my workspace being more chaotic than it is, but I know it can!

So, besides the table or tall chair, I would love to own a rolling mill. Better overall lighting and a good heating system wouldn't hurt either. Of course, now I remember, because it's starting to get cold! (winter is coming here in the Southern Hemisphere).

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  1. Love the file case! And the shots of you working in the space!

  2. what a lovely space! i think i would feel right at home there :) and i agree w/ evelyn - that file organizer is AMAZING!!

  3. Wonderful space! The file case is amazing! It's great to see you in your space working!

  4. AdobeSol says...

    Fantastic space!! Thanks for showing it to us!!!

  5. Matkasse
    This is amazing blog post. And i enjoyed to read your blog post. Thanks..



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