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Monday, July 11, 2011

An Artist Work that has Influenced My Own

One of the many artists that has influenced my work is Franz Kline.

Franz Kline was an American painter from my favorite Art Movement: Abstract Expressionism. Abstract Expressionism was born in New York in the 40's and 50'. It was the first art movement accepted world wide which later influenced other movements, which up until then was exclusively a role played by Paris.

Painting Number 2, 1954,

I love Kline's use of black and white, with thick brushstrokes and texture. He used a lot of diagonal lines which make his paintings very dynamic, intense, yet soft and sensitive. They imply expression of ideas concerning the spiritual, the unconscious, and the mind.

Franz Kline

Franz Kline at his studio
"You paint the way you have to in order to give.
That's life itself, and someone will look and say it is the product of knowing,
but it has nothing to do with knowing, it has to do with giving."
Franz Kline 

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  1. i love the human element of energy in the work. i forgot how much i like franz. thanks for posting.

  2. Great article, Cynthia! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Very intense and energetic strokes indeed. I can just imagine how moving these paintings can be when viewed in real life. Great choice.

  4. Crumbs, I haven't heard that name for 23 years! Thanks for reminding me.



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